The Arkin company offers to the customer the possibility of designing the facades of buildings to measure, providing an architecture studio that will take care of the project proposals, executive and final drawings.

Our skills

We make ours available know-how to support the customer in choosing the best solutions for external facades for the need for good insulation against the cold, the heat, the noises, and to combine the different functions of the panel with:
- the provisions of the law;
- the specific requests of the case;
- the peculiarities of the construction site.

Customer Satisfaction

The processing of architectural skin and sandwich panels requires knowledge of numerous technical and regulatory aspects.

Our working method is based on collaboration continue and constant with ours Clients.
We support you:
- in the choice of the product;
- in problem solving;
- in after-sales.


From design project to form

From design project to form.

Each construction site, each building has its own identity, its own function and a certain surrounding environment. This is why Arkin, in addition to making its experience and professionalism available in the field of installing modular panels, it makes use of the presence of professionals to better study the various architectural and technical solutions to offer to customers.

An in-depth study of the places means that each project, whether it is a building renovation or a new construction, it integrates with the surrounding environment without causing any alterations.

In the event of renovations, particular attention is paid to the original character of the structure by designing perfect integration with innovative materials and new technologies developed by the company.

This collaboration between Arkin and the architecture studio was born to combine desires, aesthetics and functionalities, making each work personalized and unique.

An aesthetic and functional revolution

An aesthetic and functional revolution.

Arkin offers a real revolution in applications in the aesthetic, architectural and performance fields for the renovation of the skin of old buildings or parts of them, for the infill of those under construction or for the replacement of facades damaged by seismic events or other natural disasters, with new types of aesthetically modern facades and with high insulation performance. A way to re-evaluate pre-existing buildings and to reinvent industrial buildings with technical and material features that make everything more performing and aesthetically modern.

The replacement of existing facades is an optimal solution that meets both the italian real estate heritage, for what is old and aesthetically obsolete, and the new construction of warehouses or showrooms. A solution that allows you to improve energy savings with interventions aimed at customizing in terms of performance, functionality and aesthetics with an attention to costs and implementation times.

Architectural volumes created to amaze

Architectural volumes created to amaze.

With these new infill panels with modular panels, the volumes can be simple, linear and recognizable in geometric elements or complex, irregular and articulated, there are no limitations to this technology.

They can be created specifically to hide service equipment or simply draw volumetric blocks that give life to different views and plays of light and shadows that vary according to the hours of the day.

Simple or complex volumes which, if equipped with functionality and in aesthetic harmony with the entire environment, they give character and originality to the building.


Our sales network is at your disposal to combine the functions of the panel with the provisions of the law, the different requests and the peculiarities of the construction site.